Quite some time ago, I made a decision that I thought was gonna help me out and make my life better – to see at least one new movie a week that is new to me, in the theater.

I’ve been doing this for several years, now, and I’ve seen quite a few films (I always exceed my goal of 50 – one a week with two weeks off for respite) and I like to think I’ve learned some things.

I always loved movies, but I grew up in a town without a movie theater of its own. Movies have meant a lot to me. They’ve been a crutch I’ve leaned on and they’ve helped me to transcend the worst of times.

I have very little formal training in film – either as a filmmaker or a critic – and I’m still learning. I hope I always will be. But if you had to know everything about a subject to have thoughts about it, we’d all have a lot fewer ideas floating around.

So I hope you like the things you write. If you don’t, I hope you pass me by for a more pleasant place on the internet for you.

Thanks for stopping by, either way!