Living in the future sure is grand

One minute, I am laying down, exhausted on the sofa, my hair still in the braid I put it in on Tuesday, hungry and contemplating how depressing the film The Man Who Fell To Earth was even before David Bowie died. Ten minutes later, I am watching Mamma Mia, singing along and answering the door to receive the dinner that a nice young man had brought me.

Yay technology. Saved my night. From crying about David Bowie’s alien character getting his alien contact lenses fused to his eyes forever.

It has been a challenging week, that’s my point. And for me it isn’t over for, lo, I must work tomorrow because finals happen on Saturdays at the institution where I work.


I do not have much energy for digging through stuff, so here’s just some of the stuff I’ve been watching on streaming, lately, and what I thought of it.

John Mulaney – Kid Gorgeous (Netflix)

Has some really good bits. Not as overall strong as some of his other shows, but I laughed out loud a lot.

Hari Kondabolu Warn Your Relatives (Netflix)

Very very funny. Watched it basically twice in a row. He’s quite political and fairly confrontational but still entertaining while doing it.

The Conjuring (Netflix)

I watched this because it showed up under “critically acclaimed movies” and it was horror. Being an exorcism/haunted house movie, this doesn’t fall into my favorite sub-genres, but it’s pretty, well acted and slick.

Wind River (Netflix)

Really good. Really dark and serious. Loved the acting, particularly Renner. CW for a long list of violence and awfulness including graphic sexual assault and murder. They are treated with the seriousness they deserve and not romanticized but the movie doesn’t shy away from smacking you in the face with them.

Queer Eye (Netflix)

Pleasant. Fun apart from a few moments. There needs to be a lot more of it so I can just keep watching episodes when I am tense instead of RUNNING OUT AUUUGH. MAKE LONGER SEASONS NETFLX.

The Cloverfield Paradox (Netflix)

Kind of…fine. I was very into it for like the first three quarters and then the plot took some jumps.

The Joy Of Painting (Hulu)

One of my gotos when the stress and anxiety overwhelms me. Makes me want to paint, but when stress and anxiety are overwhelming me is usually when I don’t have time to perpetrate any art. Bob Ross is terminally mellow and sometimes he brings cute animals to show his viewing audience.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (Hulu)

Pretty good. I mean – very eighties happening all around you but fun and gross.

Drunk History Season 5 (Hulu)

I love Drunk History. It always makes me laugh and I always learn something. Win/win.

The Crossing (Hulu)

I watched the first three episodes of this (which was all there was yet at the time I watched it) and enjoyed it, though it makes me REALLY TENSE which is why I haven’t watched the new episodes yet. Tense time in real life is not the time for tense TV.

Crocodile Dundee (Prime)

Technically I saw this back in the eighties when it was still shiny and new. It was more nuanced and interesting than I remembered and while it doesn’t hold up perfectly, I still found it entertaining.

The Exorcist tv show (Hulu)

Yeah yeah. I know I said this wasn’t my sort of thing, but I kept seeing it recommended and binged the first two seasons in like three straight days a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Then came up for air to find out it’s not getting a season 3 which is a bummer because it was good.


Brooklyn Nine Nine, y’all. What the fuck? I hope one of the streaming services picks it up because WHAT. THE FUCK. That show is so good.

My roommate, A, has been watching the entire run of the show on a loop since she got into it, more or less. I need to buy her a consolation pie or something.

If you’re interested my roommate also watched the first season of Fallet on Netflix. It is, apparently, a spoof of the gritty Nordic detective sub-genre of mystery. She, however, speaks Swedish (which the show is partially in) so it’s possible she’s getting more out of it than I ever would.

If her cat has been watching anything, she’s been playing it very close to her furry vest. I did open the window this evening and she spent a considerable while sniffing the outside, but I feel that’s a brand of cat entertainment that just doesn’t translate well to humanity.

I am taking my punchy ass to bed, now. Work tomorrow, then I can lose it and possibly watch horror movies or big friendly exploding action films.