Some quick things, before the weekend hits.

Here are the things I’m planning to see this weekend:

I definitely want to see Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, and I am planning on attending a local theater’s double feature of Friday the 13th and Friday the 13th: Part 2 which is happening (unsurprisingly) tonight, on Friday the 13th.

Other films I’m interested in and may not get to are: American Made, The Foreigner, Marshall (damn, I feel like I have seen a much greater than average number of biopics this year), The Florida Project, and Lucky.

Lists like that are why even seeing as many movies as I do, there are always some at the end of the year that I really wanted to see but didn’t get the chance.

Streaming Recommendations: 

And if you are looking for something to watch, yourself, this weekend, but you don’t want to leave the house, here are some films to consider:

Colossal is a film with an enchanting and fun premise that earns its R rating by adressing some scary and serious topics. It plays with the tropes of the monster-film genre to address some awful real-life stuff, including unemployment, domestic violence and natural disasters.

Definitely not for kids (and I’m sure not for some adults, as the domestic violence is portrayed realistically and brutally) the film is moving and heavy. Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis really sell the emotional reality of the outlandish premise.

Colossal is streaming on Hulu.

The trailer does not give a good sense of the film’s overall mood, but here it is:

On Netflix, if you’re on the ‘cute white guys named Chris’ train at all, you may enjoy Finest Hours [PG-13]- a period piece about a real life story of an audacious Coast Guard rescue off the coast of Massachusetts.

For something more kid-friendly on Netflix, you can’t go wrong with Moana. If you prefer something more obscure, consider Penelope. Starring Christina Ricci it’s a modern-day fairy tale about a girl with a curse who can only break it by finding someone who loves her as she is. The film is waay more fun and waaay less disempowering than that makes it sound.

Enjoy your weekend, kids and kittens!