HEY ALL. IT’S ALMOST HALLOWEEN, WHICH IS THE FREAKING BEST. Moreover, it’s actually getting chilly here, now, finally. I’m not used to having to wait for chilly in New England.

Also it is almost time for Thor: Ragnarok, about which I am almost unreasonably psyched. I love Taika Waititi. I love Tessa Thompson. I love the Hulk and Bruce Banner. I am hyped.

But Halloween is days away and Thor 3 is nearly a week away, and this weekend, we must content ourselves with other things.

I am planning to see Lucky (cause I didn’t get around to seeing it last weekend, oops). And Suburbicon. With options on a ton of other things, but the second season of Stranger Things came out and I have holiday crafting to do, which may combine to keep me at home for a big chunk of the weekend. We shall see.

Here are some quick hit streaming recommendations. I am typing this up way later than usual, so I’m going to try not to say too much about the films.

Amazon Prime Streaming –

I didn’t think to look at the free-with-your-prime-membership options till this week. There is so much good stuff on there.

If you are interested in horror and particularly in deconstructing/interrogating horror tropes please check out the phenomenal Girl With All The Gifts. I swear to god, I am not recommending it just because Gemma Arterton is in it. It’s a coincidence that I keep recommending her films. She knows how to pick ’em, I guess. (Major CWs for child endangerment, abusive language towards children and various sorts of gore).


Consider Don’t Think Twice a love letter to improv theater written by Mike Birbiglia and starring Keegen-Michael Key (amongst others). It’s got some funny bits, but the overall feel is thoughtful as the film explores the prices of success and what it takes to be happy.


On Hulu, may I recommend 10 Cloverfield Lane. It’s a moving horror film with good turns of relief vs tension and a lot of plot elements that keep you guessing. It’s not terribly gory, but it’s definitely scary.


For kid friendly films on Netflix, check out some of the pg and pg-13 rated stuff in the Halloween Favorites section. Some of my personal faves you’ll find here are Corpse BrideNightmare Before Christmas, and The Addams Family and its sequel.

Hulu also has the Addams Family flicks, and also the classic The Neverending Story, just in case you want to give your kids lifelong feels about a horse.

Amazon Prime streaming has another, quite different classic, Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure. It also has the underrated Spiderwick Chronicles.