Friday Streaming Recs

Do you ever have that thing where time seems to stretch eternally and fly by simultaneously? That’s been this week, for me.

My biggest excitement of the week is that I’m getting a new handheld vacuum that I ordered, today. Don’t grow up, kids.

I finally started watching The Good Place this week, which approximately everyone in the universe has recommended to me. It is a delight.

The movies that are being released this weekend do not move me. I may go and watch something I missed earlier, or re-see something, or play movie theater roulette, but it’s supposed to be surprisingly mild in New England, so I may not in favor of getting some chores & errands done.

Either way, here are some streaming recs!


Space nerds everywhere have probably already seen this, but Apollo 13 is on Netflix streaming and it’s totally worth watching. I may, in fact, watch it again, as it’s been ages since I’ve seen it.

It’s well done. Sciency and delicious.


Joss Whedon has fallen out of nerd favor, I know, but if you dig Shakespeare, his Much Ado About Nothing is quite good. Full of fantastic performances, the film pulls none of its punches. Not an entirely easy watch, but worthwhile, it was apparently filmed over, like, a long weekend at the Whedon house.

Prime Video

It Comes At Night wasn’t as I thought it would be, but it’s a horror film that has at its core some deeply human strengths and failings. Honestly, though there is much that is horrific in the film, I wouldn’t have classified it as a horror film if I had seen it independent of its advertising. It’s more like a Shakespearean tragedy run through a Samuel Beckett lens (albiet with less snappy dialog than that implies).


Amazon has Don Bluth’s All Dogs Go To Heaven:

A classically animated musical that came out in the late eighties.

Speaking of classic animation, Hulu has The Black Cauldron:

And speaking of classics in general, from the “crying about animals” category, Netflix has The Incredible Journey


Love and kisses from Cambridge, kids and kittens.