I am not feeling so hot. I’m kind of scared that I’m coming down with whatever’s been knocking my co-workers out of circulation for a week at a time (though I hope not). I had intended to write about Suburbicon or a chirpy little piece about video games, today but I am currently a bear of very little brain.

This is the kind of headspace that television was dreamt up for – just showing you one thing after another into infinity or till you fall asleep, whichever comes first. A very undemanding companion, television.

Unfortunately, I have neither cable nor a viable antenna tv at the moment, so I’m going with the next best thing: youtube.

It, too, undemandingly will keep showing you things into infinity if you let it.

Currently, I’m watching markiplier, a youtube let’s play-er (which is someone who plays video games as a spectator sport) with a voice made of chocolate and rainbows scream at Resident Evil 7. It’s cathartic and entertaining.

I may play a video game while I continue to watch it, till I fall asleep in approximately 15 minutes. Like eating while watching the food network, to paraphrase something Margaret Cho once said.