The Fry-Day

Been having a bad brain week so I will probably spend the weekend largely avoiding human contact. But I will probs go see some stuff.

On the table as probable is Mission Impossible: Fallout, other possibilities include: Momma Mia – Here We Go AgainEighth Grade and Hotel Transylvania 3.

Sorry To Bother You is still in theaters and you should consider seeing it. For reals.

Here are some streaming recs, in case your goal is to sit very still and just let moisture evaporate off yourself, as mine is.


There’s a new Iliza Shlesinger special that I’ll probably be watching this weekend. Her comedy is a mixed bag for me. It often makes me feel like I’m taking an anthropology class about straight white people. But she has some of the best timing and rhythm of any stand-up comedian I’ve ever seen.

One of my favorite fucking comedy movies containing romance (definitely doesn’t feel like a romcom qua romcom) is on the netflix right now – Obvious Child. I have forced many, many people to sit through this film, including my mother. I adore it and it is what caused me to begin adoring Jenny Slate.

If you’d rather watch something more serious, check out Finding Neverland (which is a crying movie) or Real Genius (which holds up pretty well, for those of you who haven’t seen it since the 80s.

They also have the atmospheric horror film Under The Skin. It’s a lot more atmospheric than it is horrific, in my opinion. It stars Scarlett Johansson as an alien who eats people’s life force. It’s dark and atmospheric and paints the feelings of alienation well. (CW for sexual assault.)


Here we find Embrace of the Serpent, a rich and heavy story of colonialism, independence and nature.


For something a bit less intense, Hulu also has the original Planet of the Apes, or the cheesy and delightful pseudo-Bollywood film Bride and Prejudice.


Amazon has some of my all-time favorite movies including Stripes (an early Bill Murray film), Sneakers (classic hacker/heist flick), the Indiana Jones movies and the Bill & Ted movies.

They also have Snowden the biopic about Edward Snowden, the guy who revealed how pervasively the government had been surveilling us.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt does a tremendous job in the titular role. It’s an important story and well-told, here.

* * *

That’s all I’ve got, kids and kittens. See you next week.